It was the second time I visited Palmyra. My first visit was about 17 years ago and I enjoied very much those ancient ruins of oasis city left for several hundred years as they ware in the desert. Especially the huge blue shadow of the Arabic Casle shinning under the moon light in the desert which suddenly came into my eyes through the window of my cab when crossing over the enterence of Palmyra was so impressive and I had never forgotten that mysterious scenery. The first time was for just a sight seeing, but this time is for visiting archaeological sites of palaeolithic period such as El-Kowm, Jelf Ajla and the Douara Cave where Prof.Akazawa was working for several years before he moved to Afrin area in 1987. I had heard from Prof. Akazawa that in every summer when Prof.Akazawa and his expedition team came to Douara, they were staying at a guest house prepared in the Temple of Bel of Palmyra. That means I was staying very close to them during my first visit to Palmyra 17 yeras ago because my hotel was called Zenobia and it was located within just a stone's throw from the temple. Then, 17 years later, we are now working together. And this time, thanks to his friend, Dr.Khaled Assad, the director of Museum of Palmyra, we were kindly invited to stay at the same guest house. The life is like this way quite interesting.

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