Shoung Artifacts and Tang Tri colours
Shot and digital archived in StereoQTVR
Co-project by Taiwan University, Axis3D and Texnai.

At Academia Sinica and the National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C , August 11-25, 2003

Photo report from
Academia Sinica | National Museum of History

AutoQTVR Shooting of a bronse mask of Shoung dinasty, Academica Sinica, August, 2003
AutoQTVR Shooting of a Tang Tricolors, National Museum of History, August, 2003
Digital archives of cultural heritages in Taiwan R.O.C.

The digital archiving project by using Texnai's AutoQTVR was adopted by the Taiwanese government and the AutoQTVR shooting was excecuted by the co-project team that consists of Taiwan University, Academica Sinica, Taiwan National Museum of History, Axis3D Technology, and Texnai, Inc. at the Historical Museum of Academica Sinica and the National Museum of History in Taipei, 2003.

It is well-known that most of important artifacts of China were transported from the mainland to Taiwan during the last civil war in China, but the artifacts that we shot for the digital archiving project were one of those and about 32 pieces of Bronze Artifacts of Shoung dynasty and about 24 pieces of Tang Tricolors were shot at the Academica Sinica and the National Museum of History spending about two weeks.

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