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  • Hugo Obermaier Gesellshaft, a German society of archeology held the annual congress in Santander, the center of Paleolithic arts in Northern Spain.

    PhotoVR multimedia database "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain" DVD-ROM Edition is going to be released with the DVD video report by On Demand Publishing.

    The Muse is a web-site originally launched for introducing the achievements of the digital archiving activities of Texnai, Tokyo.

    Texnai is an imaging software oriented company located in the center of Tokyo, but for the recent 7-8 years, Texnai has been involved in digital archiving projects mainly regarding human heritages as well as in a couple of related technical developments.

    For example, after the first shooting in Mayan temples in Yucatá:n, 1996, we completed the development of a computer controlled 2-axis rotator that was designed for creating QTVR object movies, and in 1998, we had an opportunity to execute PhotoVR shooting in the Norh Spain to create a multimedia database of the Paleolithic Arts including the Cave Arts and the Mobil Arts. And in the mean time, we realized that many unsolved questions are still existing even among the specialists such as where those Mayan peoples came from, and by whom and for what those wall paints were created and why no venus statue can be found in the south of Pyrenees. Taking advantage of the internet and through this web-site, we wish we could have a chance to exchange opinions on such kind of mysteries in the human history.

    Most contents shown in this web-site now are therefore created by Texnai, but many other peoples are welcome to join this site. Anybody who is interested in digital archives can contact us.

    [ Photo: Photo shooting in front of a wall paint in Tito Bustillo cave, Asturias, Northern Spain. Digital archiving project by Texnai and University of Cantabria for developing the database of "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain". Photographed by Roberto Cacho Toca,1998 ]

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